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My new, vow-writing learnshop is available ANYTIME, anywhere!

This small investment into a fun, unique (and informative) online workshop will be a MASSIVE investment into your marriage.

Check out for a free preview or purchase the entire course for just $137 CAD. I can't wait to share my expertise and excitement with you!

  • Available Online

    Vow Renewal Coaching

    30 min

    From 179 Canadian dollars


This service is for couples who've lived some life.

Perhaps you've been married for just over a year, but went through the fire and emerged hand in hand. Or maybe you've been married for 40 years and the vows you exchanged on

your wedding day only scratch the surface of what you would want to say to them now,

after all these years and all those stories...

It's time to honour the promises you've already made and vocalize the unspoken ones you've kept.

Planning a vow renewal ceremony may not be on your radar, but you KNOW you want to refresh and reshare the vows you exchanged on your wedding day: This is for you! 


I would love to coach you through a 30-minute planning/vision session

[by video chat] and have a follow-up call shortly after,

where I'll share some feedback and editing suggestions.

[Note: This service is available to those who exchanged traditional vows on their wedding day as well].

Vow-Writing Packages
  • For an individual: Outline Support + 1 Round of Feedback

    99 Canadian dollars
  • Couple: Outline Support + 1 Round of Feedback/Editing

    199 Canadian dollars
  • Couple: Outline Support + Unlimited Feedback/Editing

    249 Canadian dollars
  • Vow Renewal Coaching

    From 179 Canadian dollars
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Vow-writing Coach Alicia Snider,

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