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Alicia’s way with words is truly something special. It was important for us to communicate our vows in a personal way, but writing our own vows felt like a daunting task (especially since we wanted them to be a surprise, which means we had no one to proofread!) Alicia took everything we wanted to say and enhanced it. She told us which words or phrases to emphasize, she reworded some sentences so they would flow better, and she strategically chose who should read their vows first which made them feel perfectly complementary.

Our vows were probably the most memorable part of our wedding day. We highly recommend writing your own vows and reaching out to Alicia. You won’t regret it!

Jackie + Colin

This sweet couple's love story, as told by the incredible Bonsai Creative, is beautifully captured in this vow-driven wedding film.

It was an honour to work with Jackie and Colin as they aimed to write personalized vows that would be meaningful, heartfelt and timeless.

Below are just a few more of the couples that I've had the privilege of working with...


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